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Welcome!  We are Melbourne Florida's premiere indoor suntanning salon featuring the newest multi-level sun and sunless equipment in an upbeat, modern atmosphere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create happiness by providing an indoor suntanning experience that exceeds every customer’s expectation.


We believe suntanning is a natural and intended process of the body with beautiful benefits when practiced in moderation.


We believe the correct spirit of sun care is to educate people to minimize the risks of overexposure (sunburn) while still allowing them to enjoy regular exposure to the sun.


We believe that fear-based marketing initiatives to scare people away from sun, or "sun scare", is profit-driven by chemical sunscreen, dermatology, and beauty magazine industries who overstate the risks and ignore the benefits of regular sun exposure in order to make money.


We believe there is a lack of data to support the position that UV exposure in a non-burning fashion significantly increases the risk of permanent skin damage.

Committment to a Natural Look

We offer and embrace natural-looking tans only.  A tan is most beautiful when it simply accents your look.


Trust us to help you develop a tanning regimen that perfectly compliments your skin-type and eliminates any possibility of a fake or excessive-looking tan.  If it isn't looking right, we'll let you know!


Standards of Cleanliness

Your experience should be all about relaxation, and at Sunburst Tan you never have to worry about cleanliness. 


We adhere to the strictest standards of cleanliness.  Before every tanning session, each tanning room is carefully cleaned and sanitized using hospital-grade disinfectant.


We are licensed by the Florida Department of Health and are subject to inspections twice yearly.  Our track record is sparkling!

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