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Our Story

Sunburst Tan was started in 2001 by owner Mike Lipsky, a Florida Tech graduate and Wisconsin native.


In Mike's words:


"It was the year 2001 and I felt I was living in the movie "Office Space".  I was pulling 60-hour weeks stuck in a cubicle.  Rarely did I get a glimpse of sunlight from my black hole.  Nobody got my memo that I needed a window location.  It was depressing!

Mike Lipsky Sunburst Tan owner

When I hit the beach on the weekends, I started the day embarrassingly pale and ended the day sunburned. 


That's when I discovered the many benefits of indoor tanning.  Soon I was developing a base tan during the week that protected me at the beach, like SPF.   I feel in love with it.


After tanning at a few different tanning salons, I realized a common theme had emerged among them all:  Bad customer service and no cleanliness.  I thought, “I can do this better...much better!”


So I quit my cubicle job, racked up my credit, and started Sunburst Tan.  I wanted people to experience better tanning, and the difference is dark!


Soon I discovered that everyone enjoys a tan, and it's not just for looks, but for relaxation and therapeutic reasons, too.  Our customers are women, men, students, surfers, doctors, lawyers, waitresses, business owners, and all walks of life. 


I enjoy making customers happy and educating them about the benefits of indoor tanning and sunshine. "

Mike Lipsky Smart Tan Sunburst Tan
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