Sun Level 2
  • 2-3x faster

  • Darker 

  • More comfort

  • More even results

Sun Level 1
  • Fast

  • Dark

  • Good value

Sunburst Tan is your place for sun.  We offer and highly-maintain only the finest professional sunbeds available.  All units feature pure 100% UV light, just like the sun.


Let us develop a customized skin care regimen for you that exceeds your sun tanning desires and leaves you smiling!







base tan



vitamin D


uv therapy

Call it a sunbed... it's more than just a tan.
  • 5-10x faster

  • Darkest

  • Most comfort

  • Most even results

  • Extra long-lasting

  • Deep bronzing

  • Minimal reddening

* Club Sunburst membership agreements supersede any and all information and terms expressed on this website.


* Club Sunburst members must complete minimum # monthly payments before Freeze/Cancel.

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Disclaimer:  You do not need to become tan for your skin to make vitamin D.

Disclaimer:  Exposure to UV light may increase the risk of skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury.