Sun Level 4

Your time is valuable and so is your tan.... now you can have it all!  Our level 4 sunbed delivers an instant, deep bronze color that seems to last forever!   High-pressure lamps minimize reddening and exfoliation, so your tan lasts 2-3 time longer and your skin stays extra soft.  It's perfect for any skin type.




  • 5-10x faster

  • Darkest

  • Most comfort

  • Most even results

  • Extra long-lasting

  • Deep bronzing

  • Minimal reddening

  • 30 x 360 degree high pressure lamps

  • face tanners for long-lasting glow

  • air conditioning

  • zero-gravity contoured bed surface

  • extra wide bed surface

  • heel rests provide ability to bend knees

  • MP3 surround stereo with subwoofer

  • voice guided

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Disclaimer:  You do not need to become tan for your skin to make vitamin D.

Disclaimer:  Exposure to UV light may increase the risk of skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury.