Sun Level 3

Ready to escape to the most blissful island paradise imaginable?  Contrasting sensations of heat relaxing your muscles and aqua mist cooling your skin will invigorate your senses.  The scent of a summer breeze and sounds of your favorite song will transport you to a euphoric state of mind.  Take a 10 minute vacation... come back tan and ready to conquer the world! 



  • 3-5x faster

  • Darkest

  • Most comfort

  • Most even results

  • customized skin-type selection buttons

  • face tanners for long-lasting glow

  • shoulder tanners for long-lasting glow

  • aqua-mist cooling

  • aroma therapy

  • air conditioning

  • zero-gravity contoured bed surface

  • extra wide bed surface

  • heel rests provide ability to bend knees

  • MP3 surround stereo with subwoofer

  • voice guided

uv technology
  • 52 x 200 watt body lamps

  • 4 x 520 watt face tanner 

  • 2 x 250 watt shoulder tanners

  • 4 x 8 watt uvb spaghetti lamps

  • computer-controlled power output


* Club Sunburst membership agreements supersede any and all information and terms expressed on this website.


* Club Sunburst members must complete minimum # monthly payments before Freeze/Cancel.

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Disclaimer:  You do not need to become tan for your skin to make vitamin D.

Disclaimer:  Exposure to UV light may increase the risk of skin cancer and can cause serious eye injury.